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This website is developed in conjunction with the IPMA Global Village Competition. The countries that would be covered by each college were decided by drawing lots. Kolej Profesional MARA Beranang is given the task to cover Nigeria. This website is focusing on Sustainable Goal Developments, how Nigeria is putting an extensive effort towards achieving those goals by 2030. We strive to cover all the relevant SGDs and make sure all the information accurate.

  • To promote local Nigeria’s tradition globally.
  • To ensure readers are enlighten with information regarding our Nigerian folks.
  • To shed light to the progress that have been made to achieve the Sustainable Goal Developments made by Nigeria.
  • To understand the shortcomings and challenges that the country have to overcome in order to achieve their SDGs.
  • To initiate discourse among peers, especially the youth, sharing ideas regarding ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

#SDGs@Nigeria Crews