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Nigeria is widely known as an Africa’s Giant because of its petroleum industry. But do you know that Nigeria has become one of the most densely populated countries in Africa and are the seventh largest population in the world. As of Wednesday, September 29, 2021, based on Worldometer data, the current population of Nigeria is 212,698,148 with 50% of Nigerian are urban dwellers. Even then, 0.5% of its population are coming from another continent than Africa.

Nigeria population growth are projected to surpass the United States in 2047 and became the third most populated country. Some of the major contributors of these rapid growth are early marriages and lack of family planning access. The government have offered free contraception and taking steps to discourage people who are looking to have large families. With successful planning and strategies, the prediction shows that the population rate will slow down in the future.

With such densely populated country, it is obvious that they will have different cultures, people, and religious background. Since they reached Independence, they have remained to be a multi-ethnic nation state. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic group and over 500 languages used such as Abanyom, Igbo and Hausa. While the three largest ethnic groups are the Hausa (27.4%), followed by Yoruba (21%) and Igbo (18%).

HAUSA , 27.7%
YORUBA , 21%
IGBO , 18%

Nigeria constitution ensures the freedom of religion. The three main religious group in Nigeria are Muslim with 45% of population, Christian at 45% and other native and traditional beliefs at 10%. Most of the Nigerian that follow the Islamic beliefs can be highly found in the central, northern and south-west area of the country while Christian in the central, south-east, and south-south domains. A quarter of Nigerian Christians are Catholic while the Muslims are either following Sunni or non-denominational Muslims. However, there are still a minority of Shia in Nigeria.

MUSLIM , 45%
OTHERS , 10%

Nowadays, you can see millions of Nigerians living abroad around the world especially in United Kingdom and the United States. Some of them are even living here in Malaysia either to further their studies, business inquiries or to start a new life.