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Traditional Song and Dance Documentary

Regardless of global development, each country’s tradition should never be overlooked. This is due to the fact that a country’s tradition is its specialties and individuality. Whether it’s a traditional food, traditional dancing, or even traditional singing, there’s something for everyone. Every aspect of tradition that can be preserved for future generations is extremely essential. To learn more, watch this video made by the Traditional Song and Dance team of KPMB

GC Kitchen

While food is a basic necessity and readily around the globe. The same cannot be said in Africa. Specifically, Nigeria where many is still suffering from poverty and indirectly leading to more issues such as poverty and health issues. But what if a dish, could bring about a great change to these people. To lift them out of the suffering that they have to endure for decades, and provide a brighter future for the younger generations.

Charity Aid Initiative Documentary

After everything Nigeria has gone through, the poverty in Nigeria are still a major issue that need to be addressed immediately. This documentary will fill you up on what is happening in Nigeria, how serious the situation are and what have we done so far.