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Nigeria’s SDG 16 covers Peace and Justice, and the goal addresses issues of access to justice, violence, trafficking, crime and crises, corruptions and illegitimate public goods and services that have been preventing Nigeria from existing to be a peaceful country across. Some of the issues of this goal need critical attention, especially the need for reducing all forms of violence and death-related rates, corruptions, and unnecessary access to justice and basic human rights.


The government has implemented a structure and organization in battling the issues and achieving all the Nigeria targeted goals. Continuous funding in 2016 has improved security and reduced corruptions, creating peace in oil rich Niger Delta, and Camps for immediate accommodations for affected individuals and family displaced by revolution. Not only that, the creation of Nigeria Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is to provide immediate and urgent attention to individuals affected by natural and man-made disaster.


NERGP intervenes the policies and strategies at pointing on the issues of SDGs which include developing and implementing emergency humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation, relocation and building peace, security, agriculture, health, and education. Other than that, NERGP ensures environmental sustainability within the Niger Delta region and equips the manpower required for military services. In short, the citizens of Nigeria are fighting for their peace and the rights for justice –  just so that they would have a better life.

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