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SDG 17 : Partnerships for the Goals


The government of Nigeria has been working to get win-win partnerships with various organizations to implement all the sustainable development goals. Four (4) thematic areas that Nigeria has committed to in the Open Government Partnerships (OGP) include:

1)       Promoting fiscal transparency

2)       Access to information

3)       Anti-corruption and asset disclosure

4)       Citizen Engagements and Empowerment

The National Action Plan is working on strategies to promote fiscal transparency through greater citizen participation in the budget making process, public sectors contract, disclosure enhancements of extractive industries, taxation efficiency, and business chance improvements in Nigeria. The MDA and NAP are another two (2) strategies to eradicate corruptions and, they serve as a  development of a permanent dialogue between the citizens and governments.


The strategies of developing collaboration and partnership are through


1)       Private Sector Investments – Implementing roadmaps to increase investments towards Tourism, Sport and Entertainment


2)       Technology and Innovation – Creating high techs innovation hubs and enhancing the access to technology, communication, science, and innovation of knowledge sharing at United Nations level and global technology facilitation.


3)       Inauguration of partnerships Groups on SDGs – Creation of partnership groups such as Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) and the CSO Group towards effective partnerships of SDGs


4)       IDPs and Forum on SDGs – Internally Displaced Persons Forum establishment to generate information on IDPs


5)       Inter- Agency Partnerships – Budget allocation and MDA mainstreaming SDGs into their programs and activities


The CSOs in Nigeria have decided that it is crucial to collaborate and partner with different segments of government and society to achieve the SDGs goals. The CSOs on SDGs in South-Eastern region are working on intervention and awareness campaigns in order to enhance and strengthen smart collaboration with government institutions.

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